ArmedwithWings.A Chilling Discovery
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The Kingdom of Theria is a large state that enjoys the protections of its location, guarded by the the terrain of Tarian, alongside the Great Red Primordial, Garjling. Some where hidden within of the heights of Tarian, lies an old, abandoned temple that started a project that once held one of the most advanced pieces of rift magic that was ever created. A gauntlet capable of traversing through any realm! After being told that there would be a series of documentations revealing the secrets of the project within. A group sets out to find whatever was left behind to for the taking!
Character!: Acheron Erebus
Attendees: TBD!
Risk: LCoD
Rewards: TBD
Tone: Riftmancy, Mountains, Cold, Dangerous
DM: Found!
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