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Key: Zanoroku
Event Preferences: I do not have any preference in what event i run. Once it interesting to me i shall run it. 
Contact Information: Zanoroku#2688
Anything Else: Extremely new Dungeon Master, so bear with me. There will be a risk and reward, choices and consequences with my events. I wouldn't mind starting slow that eventually i can build up to bigger stuff.

Quote: Wrote:Character:
Which Event:

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?):
Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?): 
Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?):
Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?)


Any other comments:
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