MkatSpirit of Light
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You have sung for so long, knowing that those you sing to will do good and right in the world. Your past duty is done, now you may sing.
You have guarded this church for so long, standing guard and awaiting those found worthy of your power. It must be protected, it is what Martina wanted of you.
Now however? There is a call, a call to duty. A call to serve once more. Your heart sings, ready to take up your weapon again. To fight once more for the cause of Light.
For duty never ends.

What we desire out of you
  • Be Active in Osrona with preference to being your main character
  • A loyal person to Osrona
  • Personally loyal to Melody as a Fellow Paladin and your summoner
  • Skilled at verb, though this is not a huge requirement 
Facts about the EC in Question
  • You have vague memories of guarding the church of St. Martina and Melody being found the only worthy one for your attention.
  • You will have vague memories of your past life and culture. 
  • You are a combination of the spirit of the paladin from the event and one of the Spirits from the Chorus of Light. Blended into a new being.
  • This means that you can pull from any country on Eternia, as long as you act as a holy person and wish to keep fighting for good and light in the world as a Paladin.
  • You are a spirit, which means you are not partially bound to the laws of this world. Still will take age nerfs, but are effectively immortal
Starts at 150 RPL, Holy magic, and A Paladin Stance

[Any questions can be sent to Apollo Densin#0014]
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The Paperwork never ends
Will close this out tomorrow the 21st, so if you wish to apply send them in
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The Paperwork never ends
Applications are closed, will open this again if I ever get another spirit approved. Thank you to all who applied.
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The Paperwork never ends
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