Paladin style fluff:
The spirits of light, made up those who have fallen and passed on, still wishing to aid those who fight for the cause of good and bringing light to the world. Each spirit adds their voice to the Chorus, adding their power to the whole. Each was different in life, different creeds, different races, different lifestyles. But they all willingly give of themselves in this duty.

By attuning yourself to the chorus of light, the righteous spirits of the past will aid you, their will added to your own, defending you and aiding in your attacks. Calling on you to once more to take up the blade. To continue to give yourself for the cause of good.

Any creed may become attuned to the chorus, as long as you fight for good and right in the world, to aid the downtrodden, to defeat the evil that plagues this Eternia.

Examining this power more closely, those with understanding will see it as a blending of Holy and spirit magic, tapping into the spirit realm. The glowing halo is a physical manifestation of this connection, the abundant magic given off shining brightly.

Those who further gain power in the Chorus of light have been known to sprout wings of burning mana, offering up a more angelic appearance

[Lore surrounding the Paladin style and title that Melody has and for those who wish to pursue the style themselves]
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