TeemoCelestial Festival | July 6
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Throughout the nations of Esshar came a surge of pint-sized criers. From the underway, they rise. In their grubby hands, posters and fliers to be plastered, spread, and littered to every the joint nations of the Alliance.
Quote:"Hear ye', hear ye'. Word 'round the block says the long-awaited Celestial Festival is ta be held in Os' near the year's end. Join together in glorious celebration, somethin' somethin' Faith and Love. Bring yer family, bring yer friends, bring people that ain't huge jackasses. The entrance fee is optional so there really ain't a reason not ta come."

Deacon of the Faith, Edward von Leon is hosting a festival to promote unity between the citizens of Osrona. A night of celebration that'll consist of three main events.
A recreation of historical events in the form of a play written by the Brilliant Malacai D'evanuex.
An auction and raffle of extraordinary objects and souvenirs hosted by Edward von Leon.
And a final sermon to end off the night preached by Priest Ezra Ravus.
Tickets to the play are offered free of cost but have a suggested donation of 500c which will be requested on entry. 
All proceeds go to the repair and restoration of the Temple of Eos.
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The festival will be held near the year's end at the Grimmore Manor, located on the east side of Messaris.
Monday, 8 PM EST
[ 689, 595 ]

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Plan not approved yet. Postponed until Sunday 8pm EST, so sorry!
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Post poned for one more day, same time! The event's approved now so NO MORE DELAYS

kill me
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