Detective100Heroes' unrest
A rumour has started going around acrass the halls of a starfall academy.
Of a man in the signature uniform of Achyon, visiting the graves of the fallen.

Instead of mourning, instead of grieving?
The rumour says that the man walked to each grave, meticiously writing on a scroll for each monument he passed across.

Smiling, as he writes.

[Image: Screenshot-1.png]

'it has certainly been a while since I had dirtied my hands proper, has it not?' 
The man in uniform pondered to himself after he walks away from the graveyard, closing the scroll and tugging it underneath his scroll.

In the scroll?

Are names belonging to those of the fallen:
"Killian Levieur"

"Haarper Aetras"

"Rhesus DeLaurentis"

"Howl Grace"


A plan is set in motion, in hushed whispers behind close doors.

To come in on a moonless night, shovels in hand.
To take away the defenseless, and leave as planned.

Time shall be of the essence, the window of opportunity is slim.
Who shall be the defenseless' saviors, from a fate most grim?

[Image: Screenshot.png]


At the moment, this is going to be a small scale event for the students, tutors, and other people that work at the academy to try and defend the graves of being robbed.

The exact date is still undetermined!
This is going to be my first time trying to set something like  this up, so I'll like some admin assistance helping me out to iron out the kinks as needed  Wink
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

Mischief managed!
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