MalachaiZuperned/Namechange Ban Appeal
Key: Zuperned

The admin that banned you: I have no idea who did it

Ban Duration: permanent

Date of Ban: 19:58 12-12-2019

Reason Supplied: No reason. i was never told why i got banned from both of them / or what i think the reason might could be they found my character immersion breaking of how childish he was perhaps?

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: I do not know what i was banned suddenly out of the blue and i was not told or received a reason why yet. both from the discord and the game. 

Yet i am sorry for whatever i did and hope i may be unbanned.
bumping it up. as i was told to do so
bumping it
Bumping it again. sorry if it comes off as impatient but i just want some help..
Bump bump.
bumping it once more and i'd like a response pretty please i've been waiting pretty long and i feel like im being ignored or something.
May i pretty please be unbanned?
bumping it once more as may i pretty please get some help this is not cool.
Bumping it up but probably nothing will be fixed
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