BrahmsFrostWhen life gives you lemons
... best to make a lemonade. Put sugar in as needed.

Nah but on a serious note.

My grandmother died on April 2, 2021. With that, the next day on the third my mom shows me some studies and gives me the bad news. After some testing and me telling her it had to be her melanoma from 2006, it turned out to be that but worse: advanced melanoma that has invaded her bone and organs. While the solution being usdd is rather powerful, the truth is its in a very advanced stage and has done a lot of damage, necrosis being one of them.

We are praying but also doing our part, taking care of her. Trying to cheer her up through these tough times. If you have a loved one like this, be with them. Support them. We might not see them again. Mom might not make it, she might die and that is not a 50/50 but rather an 80 percent she won't make it. But we have to go on for them and for others.

If you have people who need you, be there for them. Never expect something. Its always much better to do things because you want to. I am hoping things work out for the best but prepared for the worst. That's all we can do for them.
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