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I see a thing in the skin of a Jianghese man. It's a wise thing, says a lot of big and smart words.
It's not even keeping it a secret, but it won't say what it is. I think it's both stupid, and brilliant. I guess.
But it helps people, or tries to. For nothing, expecting nothing but for people to listen to its words

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Devils hide behind redemption.

You can't be that stupid. Right? People don't listen. People don't change.
We're not like you, skin-wearing-thing. We don't learn, we're greedy, we're inherently bad.
You don't trust a human to learn. You don't trust a human to listen. How many do your words really reach.

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Why can't you just let me eat my weight in glee?

They are using you. Maybe I am too. They all want something, but won't give anything.
Not even your words are given anything. I won't believe that they really listen, until I see it.
I'll help you though. For nothing in return. I don't know why yet, I really wish I did.
Maybe it's because you're not human. Maybe that makes me feel... 

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Honesty is a one way gate to hel

I lie a lot. I want to be helpful, I want people to come to me.
Like they do to you. For all their little, stupid problems.
I pretend to care, but you genuinely care. Maybe I will too.
But I really don't like that idea. I hope I don't.

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Tape my eyes open to force reality (Oh no, no)

I acted like an animal today. She bought out the worst in me.
Pokes, prods, and challenges. What should I expect of a beast. I'm not like her.
I will not be like her. I'm better, stronger. Yeah. And she knows it too.
Maybe she will listen better now. Maybe she won't bare her fangs and claws anymore.
Mine are sharper than hers will ever be.

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I want to taste consumption

I've been meaning to ask, do you have friends?
It was momentarily breached, the topic. I have none.
Do you have real friends. I'll ask the next time I see you.
I want to know what defines a friend for you.
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Oh, Oh, losing myself to the competition

I don't regret it. I don't regret challenging it.
It's exciting. Showing who is truly superior. Being an animal.
All people are like this, deep down. Aren't they.

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At what point did I stop pretending, I?

I struggle to keep my claws in check. It's because of her.
It's inconvenient. To say I don't like the fight is to.
Lie to myself. But really, every person lies to themselves.
It's in our nature.

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Oh, Oh, sowing new patches right under my skin

I will keep myself intact with this fake skin.
If he can wear a humans skin, then so can I. I wish to be like him.
Helpful. To everyone. Even though they won't listen.
I want to have that unshakable will. To be so strong.
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Welcome to our Freak show

I hate how this makes me feel, to care. It's an awful feeling.
Friends are a vulnerability, a weakness. One that cannot be strengthened.
I hate calling them friends. Even if one is a person whom understands.

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Come meet my monsters

While the other is a creature I am drawn to.
Compelled to teach it, to try to. That it is wrong.
Generosity should not be rewarded, it should be expected.

Why can't you see that?
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