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Quote:The Summer Storm
While Asena and Saekanis have differing views, this Ookami build is more based around Air and Tempest rather than Music, Lightning or even Ice. Which sort of has its basis on the storms that summer can bring.

While I can't make cute pictures like Lung, whose amazing at it and an inspiration for this guide, I'll try my best and get pictures and videos when able or have the time.

So let's begin.

What is this guide about? This guide is about using a predominantly air and tempest magi effectively to perform damage. I started playing an Air, Tempest, Lightning, Unarmed Mage after the first few years of the Pandemonium Chase, with Lobo Black. Due to real life, I left the game and was not able to play the character to its conclusion. But I did wanted to make the build and play it.

Quote:The Stats

Because of how it works, I keep joking that it is like a paper cut storm as it quickly deals a lot of damage just not huge numbers, but quick ones and most of them have a decent chance to be a critical. At first one may dismiss this and want to see big numbers. But Air with Tempest is a rather powerful combination. One that buffets the enemy with many, many hits and due to the agility focus of this build, they tend to hit hard even if they were 1 FP. Thus this build stats are as following:
200 Vitality
200 Power
140 Agility

After this, I tend to put most points in agility after reaching 200 mainly for solid pursue and flee as well as a means to crit and make the damage quickly add up.


5 Air Attunement
5 Dancer Style
10 Wayfarer's Wind (Aura)
10 Devouring Winds (Toggle)

Quote:Core Spells

20 Galeburst
10 Twister
5 Wild Nature
10 Aera
10 Flurry
10 Wind Cutter
10 Tempestine Guard
15 White Squall
10 Aeolian Cascade
15 Vacuum Vortex

Quote:Point Buy

This is a section on what to gain after each spell or ability is bought. Notice supports and buffs were left for last. That means you should focus on the damaging spells first. Once Twister and Aera are taken, one can get Wild Nature and Dancer. This is just the way I do it. Feel free to do it in any way you prefer!

Air Attunement
Wayfarer's Wind
Wind Cutter
Aeolian Cascade
Tempestine Guard
White Squall
Wild Nature
Devouring Winds
Vacuum Vortex

Quote:Spell Analysis

Galeburst - A very important spell due to its range and knockback. It can help force a disengage or push the enemy so you can kite longer. Either way it is a strong tool but is a line ability, meaning it doesn't exactly home. The good news? This projectile is rather quick and hard to dodge.

Flurry - One of the most important spells in your repertoire. Flurry might not do a lot of damage, however it slows the enemy quite a lot for a decent amount of time all while applying a damage over time. This spell is used with a lot of others as this is what you use to setup combos.

Wayfarer's Wind - After comparing it with Razor Wind, I feel Wayfarer's Wind is about roughly equal. The agility and power are top notch. The heal is a nice little bonus but don't expect to sustain. However that said, it can still help you stay a little longer in the fight.

Wind Cutter - One of our most important spells. Wind Cutter when casted, sends several waves of air in the direction it was casted, for a few seconds. This means you can cast wind cutter and it will continue to strike the enemy if they stay in the zone of the spells effects.

Aeolian Cascade - Another of our important spells. Aeolian Cascade has great range and tends to not just home on the enemy, but also hit other nearby enemies. It also has a rather large range. It is good to use whether up close or fleeing and far away.

Tempestine Guard - A powerful move. This spell lets you, effectively, create combos that will buffet the enemy. It is used as an offensive spell that when casted, grants 15% DR, then it drops three quick shockwaves that do not push or knockback, but instead it sort of follows your magi when casted.

White Squall - Large radius Area of Effect spell that serves as a trap, slowing all enemy targets caught in it. It is also useful in an offensive and defensive capacity. It can be used as area denial. It also synergizes well since Squall halves enemy agility as they receive damage, and this build does that in spades.

Twister - One of the strongest things about Twister is that it serves in a multi capacity as an offensive and defensive 'shield' due to its 30% DR, while delivering damage in an AoE. It can be sped up with Dance and Wild Nature, and gets a bit of a buff with Devouring Winds up.

Wild Nature - The most craziest power of Beastkin and what, arguably, puts them on par with much powerful races, comes down to a move that's duration tends to be less than what it lasts. Wild Nature will grant you slow immunity, boost your speed for 3s and provide a 10% FM on your spells for ten seconds.

Devouring Winds - Toggle that delivers damage to nearby enemies of 1 P, pulls enemies within three or so tiles of the effect and grants a +6 in Power.

Vacuum Vortex - To be added soon


Why Dancer?

Dancer has several things going for it. One of them is the mini boost you get from its dash. The other is the stats it gives for agility. Simply put Dancer makes you go zoom zoom. Usually one dash into Wild Nature > Twister is enough to escape or move at pretty much crazy speed. Dashing and gaining that speed boost is also amazing at helping you setup your combos.

Once you master the dash-boost effect, you can do some nifty moves after dashing. Mostly you can dash one direction and boost hard to a different one forming quick zig zags. This lets you drop White Squalls with feints. Or simply allow you to dodge incoming attacks better. The bread and butter combo of this build, listed above, as well as explained better below, tends to requires some quick speed boosted moves to make the combo efficient.

Where it gets 'fast and furious' is when you dash and immediately enter wild nature into Twister spell. Or simply to use the speed and move in between the enemies defenses. This comes in handy with the first bread and butter combo, which leads us to that.

Quote:The Bread and Butter Combos
This section will discuss combinations that lend to the combo nature of this build.

Since in reality this game has a lot in common with say Street Fighter, you might find such mechanics such as footsie games, wake up games. Etc. It is just in another form and version.

But I let this, from Random, be the one to talk about such mechanics.

I will outline a series of moves that can be combined with proper timing forming the synergy 'combos' of this build. The following are terms I use personally:

Dash Strafe The skill to dash in one direction and quickly in another, usually letting you move in a V like zig zag. Dash Strafing is very useful to quickly get into your enemies zone and cast spells.

gce Wild Nature + gce Aera, cast Flurry, cast Wind Cutter, dash strafe into target, cast Tempestine Guard

gce Wild Nature, dash strafe into target, cast White Squall, cast Aeolian Cascade, cast Twister, cast Galeburst when Twister ends

(I will attempt to make movies when I can)

Bluesteel Chest - Exalted Vitality
Bluesteel Legs - Exalted Vitality OR Exalted Agility
Cloak - Exalted Vitality
Shirt- Exalted Vitality
Master Staff or better - Exalted Magic and Exalted Wind
Ring of Swiftness
Mythril Amulet(? I could be wrong but its the agi one)



Why Jammer?

This build is all about making damage that is quick and that constantly attempts to barrage their target with continuous attacks. Specially with the high agility for higher critical chance. Which truly turns the paper cut damage most of the spells seem to have, into something frightfully dangerous. Thus halving any and ALL healing? Yes, please. Hitting them every fifty seconds with eight seconds of curse, which severely hampers sustain, can do a lot of difference if you GCE it right.

For gear I like to use Bluesteel Set.

While you could use agility runes, I rather have some staying power. So typically I put Exalted Vitality on everything and use the natural agility boosts from multiple items including the Bluesteel set itself, the Ring of Swiftness and the Agility based Amulet. If you want, perhaps an Exalted Agility on pants. Since it comes with crit but no agility, this can actually enhance it, while using the reverse: its natural vitality boosts, thus preferring Rare or better. *Gasp*

If one can get a unique that further increases Wind and/or Agility, that can be very useful. Don't forget that one can apply for a family item! Even if it just has some minor boosts every little bit helps! And really the admin team tend to be very open about it, long as they see some effort! BUT if not, then you'd definitely want the highest staff-based weapon you can get with Exalted Power and Exalted Wind minimum. That boost in Power plus the Wind bonuses will be very useful as well.
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