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The Circle is an order of Druids being formed to nurture and protect those spirits which were tainted by the events of the Pandemonium chase. Rather than seeing these as needing fixed they are venerated as having been turned into something new and greater. The most obvious of these beings is the Primordial Nyx, but lesser deities, such as the tainted star Crom Cruach and Futile Spiral, in the pantheon are also venerated.

The First Priority of the Order than is to maintain the 'corrupted' nature of the Shadowmire and those spirits and mortals afflicted by the events of the Pandemonium chase. 

The founder and current leader of this Circle is Nanzo the Mighty. Who espouses his time learning from Valar, Dok Zong, and Torgon as the basis for his decision to found the Circle. [IC Post Pending to see interest in concept!]

Anyone may join the Circle but clearly those interested in the spirits, nature, or the stars would benefit the most. Nanzo has even extended his hand to normal Humans outside the Mire. Offering the outcast and downtrodden a chance to re-forge themselves within the Shadowmire.

Quote:On an OOC Note. This is a chance for those who might want to make or play in the Mire to have something to engage with. Even if the dev primarily being offered is cosmic/nature anyone is free to join. If you're interested in making a character for or arranging a scene to join the Circle. DM Dox#8381 with questions.

One ooc goal of this guild is to try and weave a connecting thread through the various lores and factions that have come and gone within the Mire. Offering the lore in an engaging way to new and old Monstar's alike.

Also, those who become full Druids of the Circle. Get to wear cool masks.

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PS: I'll be updating this Emporium Post as IC events play out. The life of a monster PC can end at anytime after-all.
Due to some IC I don’t have the time to actively push this sub-faction’s plot forward. Due to focusing upon the main plot of Shadowmire. So, currently defunct as an organized sub-faction.
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