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Great.. Ideas arise from events that had a milestone in important people's lives, be they the simplest daily shores, for the most complex events in life.. Having a family was an idea that arose because of the inevitable event that is death, but it was never really something possible to acquire.
Not until now.
Through what was once one of the most recognized Synth models, something new would emerge from it carcass! A reconstruction to be better in all aspects possible.
L1N14, the daughter.

L1N14 is the classification to the most recent model built for this brand of Synths and is possibly the most effective for several things, something that is possible due to the way that it was created and the effort made for it to be a major acquisition for Achyon.
Its creation was made possible through the acquisition of parts of Lyndis' body, an older model and what could be considered her mother. However, the construction of this model only took place thanks to the contribution of Lucy, Achyon's former Councilwoman, the one who had done much of the work for this being to be born.
Together with clearly, Councilman Nidaz Vanreth aid.

Everything that was done was in the name of progress and for a new generation to take care of Achyon and ensure that it has an adequate future.
Through the Councilman's vision.

What you are:
  • You are a Synth, one of the greatest creations of the Empire and probably of humanity.
Access to the Synth Race and everything that is possible through it!
  • Your body and knowledge were provided from older models, such as former Achyon's Commanders, in addition to Lyndis herself, guaranteeing you extremely advanced combat knowledge.
You will start at RPL 150!
  • You were created to have your mother's countenance, but to be better than her in every possible way.. And make your own path.
You will have a lot of knowledge from your predecessor, but in a limited way, to serve as the base and evolve from that point.
  • You were created to have a variety of skills and abilities, even receiving knowledge of Medicine to be able to act in several areas.
You will start with the Medic skill, thanks to your Father's knowledge, previous models and also because of the addition of medical tools to your body.
  • You are the daughter of High Councilman Nidaz Vanreth, which will guarantee you many benefits in your life.
Everything that you will need, from equipment, potions, dev and other things.. Will be provided by the Councilman!
What is expected from you:
  • Extreme loyalty to the Empire, but mainly to your creator, your Father.
  • Presence, I'm looking for someone who will be active in the character and do something interesting from it and not end up getting AFK.
  • Have fun! I'm creating this character so that someone else can have fun and do what they think is the best possible for the character's story! And also, help in the long way Nidaz in his projects.

 If interested in the character..
( For more information about the character or her father, send me a DM on the discord: Didos#5077
For more information about Lyndis, her mother, contact: Ramen#4577 )
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The player was chosen and the apps are closed!
Also, thank to those who made an app and were interested in the Character!
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