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Use this form to post in the Report Forum. Feel free to make serious complaints and reports on situations or problems that you would like to communicate with the staff, such as an instance of rule-breaking or poor behaviour. If it is a time-sensitive issue or a problem immediately happening in-game, you should still send an admin help. This is for long term and less immediate problems, or reports of harassment and cheating.

This can also be used to highlight conduct that you felt was inappropriate rather than outright rule breaking. It can be as small as passive aggressive comments in LOOC to as large as harassment. So to recap, the complaint form can be used for:
  • Reporting unfortunate community behaviour (both staff and members)
  • Reporting what you suspect is rule breaking (metagame, for example)
  • Direct complaints about your experiences/feedback so we're aware of it and can rectify it
The posts in this forum can only be seen by head admins, so be as specific as you need to be. The process is completely confidential, though do be aware that any evidence requires proof for enforcement to follow. We will communicate with you throughout it all nonetheless.

Complaint Form

[b]Your Discord: [/b]
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[b]Relevant Parties: [/b]
[b]Relevant Characters: [/b]

[b]Summary of Events:[/b]

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