Detective100Melodic repose: Nerfed health, no damage boost.
According to the changelog, melodic repose is supposed to deal more damage now to balance out the reduction in HP regen.

Here, you can see that while the health has been nerfed (roughly cut in half), it doesn't deal contionus damage to the opponent. (Only 6 SD on the initial cast, like it was before)

[Image: aba.gif]
Please... Give the move some love back.
Keep it that way

Nerf andromeda (just andromeda)
Link Baiano#2014
(05-04-2021, 12:56 PM)europeanSavior Wrote: Keep it that way

Nerf andromeda (just andromeda)

skill issue
6md damage that confuses
10md worth of healing

i wish sanctuary was this good
[Image: nR3lU0X.png][Image: unknown.png]
Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
It's an AOE confuse and still a good heal. You can't have everything. If you want it to be better or lower cd one has to go.
[Image: c06f0030a2d5b2ed0b828cb09bea6725.png]
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