Lucinda MeztinA life listening to shadows.
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"Hey! You! Do you like fireflies?"
Their light reminded her of some of the shadows she'd more recently seen. Everyone had shadows.
Quote:Inside Moxtli's temple sits a small room, rented by none other than Lucinda Meztin.  Many of her things are scattered about the room, a clear indication of  nonexistent organizational skills.  Yet there is a book inside of her beds side table, which is always removed and replaced on regular intervals. Presumably, a journal.

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Quote:I've begun my exploration of Esshar. I must say, thus far what I have learned is minimal.  I've been to Osrona and learned of what drives their people. I spoke to a knight keeper that expressed the darkened aspects of his job. I've learned that their people thrive off of religion and hope, mixed with self determination to save others from evil. I've met more than a couple of interesting people from within their walls, too.  Those who are relentless during training, and those who offer me food as soon as I enter the city.  It's almost as if it's all forced, really. What could possibly make a person so happy all of the time?
Why would I give anyone my FOOD?

I've learned of vampires, albeit my observation was brief. Well, brief enough to witness people get bitten by the queen!
Her shadows - I will never forget them. Why did they glow like that?
I even spoke to her, but luckily she doesn't bite people who don't want to be bitten.
Or so she says...
I don't know if I believe her.

I met a boy from Achyon in the desert. He stole my pork and my leather, but he was a pretty swell guy.
Why do my dads hate him so much?
Is a name or a place, really a reason for instantaneous damnation?

I have learned all of these confusing things, but I feel it's left me with more questions than answers.
The world is so chaotic - but don't they do it to themselves?
Isn't that natural?

I like to catch fireflies in my free time.
I wonder if anyone else does.
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