KidaBan Appeal.
I thought I was slick, using a guest account...
Ban Duration:
No clue.
Date of Ban:
3rd or 4th of May, depends on your timezone.
Reason Supplied:
[Image: unknown.png]
I sheeeeeeesh'd the wrong person.
Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned:
I walked into Asphodel with utmost confidence and vigor, I took my place on the throne before the queen herself.
I have left Eternia a broken man.
I won't sheesh again.
I fucked around for about 2 minutes and paid the ultimate price, basically.
As funny as it may have been to some, these sort of actions serve only to disrupt the roleplay environment, and aren't really acceptable when a serious scene is ongoing. You 'sheesh'd' and then immediately logged out before anyone could address you or warn you, only to log back in moments later and do the same thing. We would have warned you and left it there, but you were avoiding such by instantly logging out. You were hastily banned as a result, since we were unaware of who you were to begin with and wanted to avoid you logging out again before we could speak to you.

However, it is a minor offense all things considered, and there have been no prior infractions to speak of. You will be unbanned.
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