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A druid is a practitioner of nature magic that's harmonized with the wildlands and merged with the woodland itself. This transformation into druidhood enables the person to connect with the land on a magical level, now able to hear the whispers of the trees, and the song the wind sings when it travels throughout Esshar. As a druid, certain physical features and changes might occur, such as fae-like features (rounded, wider eyes, pointed ears) or bark-like skin and the growth of leaves. While still fundamentally human, becoming a druid is a life changing experience that is unlikely to leave the person the same again.

Path of The Druid 

Most druids follow the Children of The Woodland religion, a focus on protecting the land from the greed of humanity and a distaste for modern cities, preferring the more communal village-life rather than large, ever expanding nations. While opinions different, this tends to be the case. Their pantheon includes several hundred greater spirits, ranging from the divine, such as Asena, to the lesser known, such as the primordial boar Erymanthus. The more experienced druids are known as Seers, and may choose to take on an aspiring nature magi should they match whatever the person's requirements may be (which tends to vary). When the Seer believes their pupil is ready, a ritual is conducted that summons the four elements to test the person's will and attunement with the seasons, the natural forces of the world; if they succeed the spirits of nature will flow freely through them.

Druid Magic

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Druids incorporate a form of bloodletting to provide sustenance to the good natured spirits (known as wisps) in the area, willing them to act as aids. Blood is by far the most personal, magically dense substance a person has on hand, and that's why it is the common choice; it also shows that the druid is willing to sacrifice in return for the act.

Growth: The crop directly in front of the druid receives a burst of life energy that causes rapid growth in an instant. 
Mandrake: A mandrake is a lesser spirit given form as a nature familiar, a creature that often aids the druid when they're engaging in battle for whatever purpose.
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