TAYUTo Whom It May Concern:
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❞ Do you still dream?❞

Remarkably enough, a new recipient finds themselves gazing over the contents of a letter still fresh with the smell of ink,
perhaps the first to come in nearly a millennium. Luna's dance brings with it the tidings of an epoch latently longed for, as
her signal reminds one of their waning solitude.

Many moons ago, I made a promise unto you as reciprocation for the kindliness you have presented. I do not intend to neglect it. Very soon, I will return with a kindling of novel prospects -- of ambition, and hope. There is a disparate world you have yet to see beyond the boundary.

Let us meet, once again.

Rosemarin Loire

and eagerly awaiting your correspondence.

Risk: Up to DM.

Your memories.
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The Mother's tongue.
One-One-Three. One-Two-Three.
Starlight for my gaze.
A draft may soon come for me.
Let me hear what the winds will speak.

With so much an expanse before us, I wonder of the World beneath.
What is it like? 
Cast your words upon the breeze.
Let them drift past my ears.

I hear your ambitions. I see your work.
To that which I will add-
The great benefactor, an Overseer 
Always there, Always watching.

The broken horn is still just as ever sharp. 
On one occasion, black rises unlike the night, but equally as cold
Maybe more so.
Have our worlds truly not changed in millennia?

No matter.
Tell me more of this
Let me find myself in you
Speckled gaze, troubled gaze
You are only Human, and shan't forget this-
All the More to press on.

So do that. I am here.

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DM: Found
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