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18 / 1000
I am the bone of my keyboard
HTML is my body and CSS is my blood
I have created over a thousand profiles
Unknown to Javascript,
Nor known to giving up.
Have withstood Internet Explorer to create many codes
Yet, those hands will never hold anything
So as I write, Unlimited Profile Works.

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Have you ever clicked on a profile and thought to yourself, "huh, that profile's pretty cool, I want one"?
Well look no further (especially not at my competition,) for let's say I have been theoretically peer-pressured into making money off my work.
Without further ado, let's go over the tiers which are as follows:

Lookin' Out For Broke Homies Tier - 3000 in-game coins.
'cause sometimes it just so happens that you're unable to pay but you don't want to be embarrassed every time you show up at a raid.
Well, for only 10x Hog Hunting, 6x Apex Predator, 3x What Lurks In The Dark, 7.5x Chuggums, 6x Elemental Imbalance, or 6x Grumble in the Grotto quests, you will be able to obtain a profile of your own.

I receive:
3000 in-game coins.
You receive:
• a lazy basic profile code that hopefully turns out to look decent
• background music
• the profile won't care about size restrictions (hopefully™)

Example 1*
* maybe it'll look better

Hope I Don't Get Capkill'd Tier - $5
Whoo! Semi-interactive profiles, now you'll be able to scroll over your character's profile while waiting for the enemy to post to distract your mind from the fact they got more hiddens than you.

I receive:
Five whole dollahs
You receive:
• your profile will go brrr when ur mouse does the thing thing
• background music
• more effort
• Anti-Profile-Assassination Protection™

Example 1

Post-Journal Check Tier - $10 ~ $15
So you've received your first journal check and you're lookin' to get a better profile to represent your character's progress into a battlecuck.

I receive:
10 to 15 big bois based on effort & maybe compliments
You receive:
• your profile will go brrr when ur mouse does the thing thing (but probably better)
• will look a bit pleasing
• background music ofc ofc
• more more effort (ask for simple stuff and we can work it out)
• Anti-Profile-Assassination Protection™

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Dripcheck Tier - $20
Your character's a pretty big deal and you want them to feel like a pretty big deal by flexing on the peasants with a profile that puts theirs to shame.

I receive:
multiple gacha rolls or a fiora prestige edition worth of money (don't judge me plz)
You receive:
• your profile will go brrr when ur mouse does the thing thing (best way possible for me)
• big boi animations on ur profile based on request
• background music ofc ofc ofc
• more more more effort (give ideas and i'll try to give myself brain damage to make it work)
• possible compliments on ur profile OOCly wherever you appear
• Anti-Profile-Assassination Protection™

Example 1

[Image: divider.png]
Anti-Profile-Assassination Protection™
As an extra bonus for my ehm, paid services, you also receive Anti-Profile-Assassination Protection™ for the period of 1 journal checks (1 week). If your character is assassinated during this time, and you are able to provide logs of such happening so I can laugh my ass off, you can request a new profile for the same value.

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If you're interested in supporting my coffee overdose, go ahead and contact me at:

can i get that $5 dollar one?

It's time to make a new age, and you will be my king.
e-girls really do fuck up my life...
His descriptions are disgustingly sophisticated. Invest in them today.
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These descriptions are too cold to be part of this plane of reality. Invest to transcend
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3000 coins? 20$?

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