ParkBan Appeal
Key: Orikaelum

Ban Duration: 6 months

Date of Ban: Nov 2020

Reason Supplied: RP Spam.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: I was banned for RP Spam which is an obvious offense, however I simply wanted to participate in combat with my fellows. After several wipes and the loss of time I made the poor decision to cheat to continue to enjoy the combat alone, but I was caught. I didn't bother to appeal then, but after time and reflection I've returned to apolozize and appeal. I will RP correctly.
RP Spam is obviously against the rules on a game like ours, and given how long you've been around, there really isn't a good excuse for your actions.

That being said, given you were banned Wed Jan 27 01:29:16 2021, we feel as though enough time has passed for us to believe you've grown to understand and regret your actions, and as such we are going to unban you.

You will have to rebirth any existing characters on your Key(s), even if they're too old to matter now.
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