LungUnarmed Guide Feedback.
 Hello its me again, one more time to disturb you guys, this time i came to ask feedback if you read the guide.
 Please put a grade 0-10 into the subjects. and add anything else you want too.

-Utility (How useful this guide was do you?)
-Coherence/Precision (Is this accurate? the informations told here is the way they are ingame? and the tips/ tricks really work?)
-Explanation ( Did you understand well the topics?, or i made cofusing?)
-Overral (any other thing that can have a grade and i dont mentioned before)

 You dont need anwser all questions in grades only overral since you will need talk about what you put that grade. 
 is more to explain about the subjects concepts about the guide.

 And feel free to coment anything else that you want to share, things i could have improved, this that is not accurate for future fixes, or just opnion in geral.

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Utility: You wrote down, and described EXACTLY how this wonky jab works. Not only that, you wrote how to use it. My main issue when I tried unarmed was how jab, and you made sure to explain the most key aspect of Unarmed well! You also helped clarify each skill's range, including Fist Barrage being a 1x3 AoE and not 2x3 like how it initially seems.

As a result, I'm rating 10/10.

Coherence/Precision: I'll be frank, that is something that I can not rate. I haven't been unarmed since the day flying kick wasn't just around, but also was a homing that inflicted stun on hit. (Yes, unarmed was busted. Yes, it was nerfed to helheim and back) Thus, I have to rate this as N/A

Explanation: Information about master stances are currently missing, which isn't your fault since it was added with clarifications into the wiki after you made the guide.
You've used pictures to show the ranges most skills which has been most helpful, though there are some skills that might be best seen in a video to get a better understanding of them. (Like assault and fist barrage, the latter being a skill you brought up as a skill where it is critical to time in when you get close to fist to land most of the damage tiks)

When it comes to writing about how much damage a skill can potentially inflict, a brief mentioning of a skill's maximum damage output would be nice. 
I know hitting Titan Fist point blank can't be done that often, but sometimes knowing just how much painful a skill can be gives a player an incentive to try and make a build to take full advantage of the damage (Like what I tried once with Flurry Slash). Mind you, I'm saying it while well aware it can be difficult to start counting down how many damage ticks certain spells can do, so I'm glad to at least have information about how much a single tik damage does!

Still, there is a lot of thorough and detailed explanation in the guide. I never knew one could potentially break out of Assault's range for example!
I also liked what you did about pointing out that combat behaviors tend to differ been Offense VS Defense, Offense VS Offense, and Defense VS Defense.

Lastly, as a small tidbit: I noticed that while you wrote down that certain seconds in Fist Barrage don't inflict damage, you haven't clarified if during those seconds fist barrage also doesn't inflict slow.

Presentation. It can be mildly difficult at times when you want to look back into the guide for something specific, and then get crowded by all the other information. This is in great part due to the forums sometimes being annoying to work with, of course! If possible, a "Contents" list at the the top to help guide people towards what they want to read can help out.

To sum it all up? Great guide, and I think you on all behalf of all present & future unarmed fighters out there.

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