CuriosityaboutMyselfBird and Rabbit.
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Quote:Nature, Poison, Lightning, Drakanite.

Alkhea certainly isn't the brightest around, and is weird to a degree. Despite this, she is still a caring mother and is the kind of parent to spoil their child, despite the wishes of Trife.

She often isn't home as she has gotten a job now; Farming and bar tending, though she has made up for this by making sure her child has fun when she does come back home, taking them out to walks in nature sometimes.

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Quote:Cosmic, Explosion, Lapine.

A older scrappy rabbit who's cool as a cucumber. A follower of Leonaus and has a fascination with stars, fighting, and doing what he pleases. Has a explosive fighting style unlike his mood with Cosmic and Explosion magics.

He treats his child like any other, providing what they need without giving too much. Growing up in the castle provides them access to as much information Orsona has publicly available. They would spend very little time outside it however.

- They haven't decided on a last name yet, so that may be slightly awkward.

- The child will be playable on 1848, or less if the admins let them spawn in younger than 13.

- Alkhea will see to it that you have a loving childhood.

- Your magic may be anything as genes are wildin'! Though, preferably it'd be a combination of the magic your parents have.

- Hair color may be whatever you desire, as your mother would let you dye it. Although, eye color has to be black, purple, or a mix of those two.

submissions closed. not like that mattered anyways cause only person responded in all the time it was open
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