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What is the Blood Cult of Nyx?
The Blood Cult of Nyx, also referred to as The Faith of the Gentle Dark, worships a primordial known as Mother Nyx. A favorite of the Monsters in the Shadowmire, the Faith was originally organized and spread by the fae Xian Antirrhinum, to Monsters and Non-Monster alike. The Blood Cult is run by two figures, known as the Bloodmistress and the Orator. The Bloodmistress is the "leader" from all outside appearances, though the differences between the roles is often obfuscated. It is also the Cult that instituted the blood tithe to all trespassers of the Shadowmire, though its uses have yet to be seen.

Who is Mother Nyx?
Mother Nyx, also known as Mother, the Night Mother, and The Matron of Darkness is a Primordial that was awoken deep within the Shadowmire. It is believed that she is the Primordial of Darkness although there is no definite confirmation of this to be the case. To those within the Cult, they treat her as their actual Mother, a figure to whom they all proclaim love, and they wish to feel the love of. The Cult also believes that Nyx is constantly trying to whisper to them, and that they must learn to hear her whispers, often through learning to silence their own thoughts. Some have gone so far as to suggest that to hear her whispers, believers must be willing to sacrifice pieces of their mind, that Nyx can better exist within them.

What are some of the core teachings?
The Cult believes that every being was originally a part of Mother Nyx, "within her embrace" as they refer to it. Both a part of something much greater, but still singular. Additionally, as a part of this, they believe Nyx to be the source of their Life. Through methods unknown, the Light "stole" the souls and brought them into the world (Birth). In doing so, the Light instills a belief that the Dark is not to be trusted, that its the enemy of life. However, being apart from Nyx means that throughout their lives, they are just dying slowly. In death they are returned to Nyx, but only for a short time, before the Light can steal them away once more.
To return to Nyx and remain fully in her embrace once more, the followers must learn to "recognize" her. What precisely this means remains up for interpretation, but the cult encourages a zealous worship of her, and a willingness to sacrifice everything if it will aid and protect their Mother.
In the end, the Cult wishes for every being in the world to "recognize and return" to Mother. One way or the other.

Dominant Themes:  Dreams, Darkness, Sacrifice, Toxic Love, Whispers, Insanity.
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