LaemorWelcome, To the DSC!
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"There's becoming less & less time between the bickering of war between Man... Darkness rises and so? I shall see it put to an end."
Written by, Blademaster; Haarper Aertas   
While man continues to wage war against itself in attempt to realize. True Peace? The darkness has been avoided... Even I, have avoided it... But enough-is-enough!
The rumors on Vampires raising conflict against mutants, headless knights, natures wraiths. Only further prove my point on urgency. How much longer will we wait, until one side wins and claims the others? I'm not entirely sure if that's the best possible outcome. 
So I call to those willing, those capable. I require a small set of unique people, with gifts greater than myself. To create a group possible of dedicating their lives to fighting against such horrors-in-the-night. It will be unlike the militaries held in-nations, much like the blue-lions? We shall fight for none, but the safety of Esshar as a whole. Regardless of who falls victim to it.
Times available: 
Skill set (What can you offer to the DSC?):
Can you make coin? (This is important, as a newly established group with limited spots.)
Why do you desire to join the DSC?:

A Google Doc#1600 (discord)
Applications are now closed to the public!!!!!
All further invitations will be had In-Character!
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"Our path will be one paved with pain & suffering... But so as long as it's one we carry on our shoulders alone? It can be done."

Rumor of the DSC's meeting spread by word of mouth. Maybe it was some strange form of advertisement?
Quote:"An oath sworn, but without a need for a title. We, while few... Venture into the depths of darkness to find light where it doesn't shine. In a world that would see extremes pleased by the blood paved on the ground.  We will be to fill the void of Justice and free the land from a threat ignored for too long."

With only a small speech spread, what followed behind said rumor? Was one that couldn't be ignored by the likes of the mire.
Quote:"It is said that a king looks over the abominations that roam the darkwoods... That he's one with reason? And acts with logic... Yet? Without a head? I can't, but find it impossible for it to be true. So I issue a formal challenge to be had; king of the mire. I desire answers, and until I get them? Your city will find its inhabitants dwindling over the coming years. One-by-One. 

How much do you truly care for those you'd call... /Your people/. I wonder, truly."
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