Trentonrule number 7.
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Marry your love. Never let them go. Raise strong children.                   Maintain a garden. Plants and herbs. Fill it with your favorite scents.
                                        When someone wrongs you, don't allow them to do so ever again. 
               Family is important, and friends can become family. Do your best by them.                       Follow the orders of your superiors. We work best in unison.
Don't fear death. You're eternal.
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Elise Soleis
"Stumble forward. You will make mistakes, often, but life is a series of lessons."
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Former Lightbearer of Osrona. Ex-Radiant of the Order of the Second Dawn. Chosen of Eos.
Queen of Starfall. Medicine Mogul. Teacher's Pet.
Born as the youngest of the Soleis family, everything that she does is with purpose; her dreams and ambitions were realized at a rather young age; becoming the Lightbearer of Osrona at the age of twenty-three and successfully defending them in the face of adversity for years before ultimately retiring after the Primordial Trials. She is a devout of Eos, said to be blinded by the Blind Goddess' blessings almost a decade ago. It's never stopped her, for she's always been able to see that her path is righteous..
She carries the features of the Soleis family; blonde with blue eyes, and an aptitude for holy magic. She was once famed as one of Osrona's strongest magi, but these days, she seems to be retired and focusing far more on her children. She bears the holy relic Chastiefol, a sceptre capable of granting Primordial-level insight when held within the right hands.

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Ermir Soleis
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Radiant of Osrona. Farmer. Father. Student of Adrastos ven Astor.
Braver than Leonaus.
Making up for your mother's height, Ermir stands to be the stronger half of your parents- far less disenchanted than Elise, and ever the present. He's done all of the cooking due to the fact that Elise, blind, once burned down the entire kitchen. He's also a great fisher and went on several tears through the Shadowmire as a teen.
He wields Gungnir, a Greatspear of Storm Magic. If desired, he'll likely teach you to wield it.
(... there will be more here soon.)

If you are interested in playing one of these children, you will be treated to the following perks:
- The Soleis Lineage! You get to be a part of a lineage that's existed in Osrona for decades, if not centuries; they are the protectors of the people, and have had many major figures in the Order over the years.
- Magic. Both of your parents are masters of Storm Magic, and would gladly teach you; light magic is also within your affinities as a Soleis, and your mother would love to teach you.
- Relics. Both of your parents have powerful weapons that will more than likely be passed 
- Children will be playable in three to four years.

Applications will be accepted via Discord. Mine is Trenton#7171.
These are still open!!!!!!!! If you'd like to play the next generation of the Soleis family feel free to poke me here!! AH!!
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