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Status update:

Commissions are currently on pause! I will update the topic when I can accept new ones. For now I will not be accepting any new requests.

Quote:Alright, I'll preface this by stating I am a motivation dependent Pixel Artist. Being paid for this skill I have picked up over the years is a welcome change. But if I cannot feel that urge to pursue something I find myself physically unable to work on it. I will generally only accept pay once I am sure I can feasibly accomplish what is requested. With that now said, my Netflix subscription thanks you for your patronage. 

Bellow is a list of what I can reasonably attempt. This does not take into account numerous factors that could hinder or inspire.

Character related:

[] Clothing/Armour/Base Sprites |  - The complexities of this strain my mental resolve and I dare not dabble in it. Too many states to consider.
[] Hats/Helmets/Head Accessories |  - By far my preference and the area I have the most experience in. 
[Hairs | - Should be doable. My style might differ from traditional Eternia hairs.
[] Weapons | - Depends on the complexity of the design as well as additional requested effects. Generally more expensive than head-based cosmetics.
[Aura's | - Somewhat of a touchy one. It'll depend on what kind of aura is requested.
[Spell effects | - I tentatively list this. Besides a couple dabbling attempts I have not done many. For simple things I may be able!
[Novelty items | - Things that exist solely to be fun! Think disguising yourself as a bush, or wearing your own personal chair. Your imagination is the limit.
[UI Icons | - If all you want is a UI icon for an event item or resource I can certainly make one!

Environment related:
[Furniture | - Easy enough! If you want some sweet custom interior collections hit me up.
[] Tilesets | - I would need a reference template to build around, but this is doable depending on what material/substance is required for the texture.
[Statues/creatures: Human/animal | - My greatest weakness has always been drawing bodies. I might cry if I tried.
[] Foliage: Trees/Bushes/Plantlife | - While I have never quite managed to replicate Eternia's tree style (on account of how deceptively complicated the leaf patterns are) I have been itching to try since I designed my bush disguise.

OC Pixel Art Portrait:
[Custom Sized/angle | - Unfortunately as I have little to no animal /human drawing skills I am unable to provide custom art in this regard
[Eternia character example | - This however I can do! If you just wanted to see what you character would look like decked out in custom hair/clothing in a single facing direction with the  normal base sprite shape then I can certainly attempt this.

Previous creation showcase:

[Image: 47fStTS.gif][Image: kuxj5vg.gif][Image: np8iCOW.png][Image: PRXGNP2.png][Image: Whs572J.gif] 
 [Image: j9uUqNy.gif] [Image: h6xVHd8.png][Image: liqAjJO.png] [Image: f0bHrXj.png] [Image: HCMURFd.png]
[Image: tVty04E.png]  [Image: MJfxb70.png]      [Image: WKVqHyI.png] 

These are just some generalized things I have done and don't take my contributions to other games into account. If interested in pursuing a commission you can message me over discord: Starless Horizon#8101

Also if you messaged me before but I didn't respond now is the time to poke me again if you want. I am notoriously forgetful.

[Image: LuLpJgx.png][Image: OAQvCq3.png]
Latest commission completed.

Provided reference
[Image: YkhuHuv.png]

[Image: mL7jpaX.png]
[Image: KB6o7wg.png]
[Image: LuLpJgx.png][Image: OAQvCq3.png]
Latest commission completed. 

Provided reference
[Image: cAHcwUk.png]
[Image: gUTbIjb.png]
[Image: LuLpJgx.png][Image: OAQvCq3.png]
Latest commission completed. 

Provided reference

[Image: Zs2Ti56.png]
[Image: RfH2vPW.png]
[Image: 1Yaxswr.png]
[Image: LuLpJgx.png][Image: OAQvCq3.png]
Latest commission completed. 

Provided reference

[Image: qgcmNFT.png]

[Image: ubIqwro.png]

[Image: LuLpJgx.png][Image: OAQvCq3.png]
Current status has been updated. Will not be accepting new commissions for now until certain things are sorted in real life! Thank you for your understanding.
[Image: LuLpJgx.png][Image: OAQvCq3.png]
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