TheoriBarsburgian National Service
National Service and You!

What is National Service?
National Service is your way of manifesting your patriotism by serving in the Imperial Army or Navy! A mandatory condition of Barsburgian Citizenship, National Service is a period in which you serve in the armed force of your choice, seeing the world, making friends for life, and gaining valuable new skills in a variety of fields. The armed forces aren’t just fighting soldiers! Your experience in other fields is taken into account when you join up; find yourself potentially assigned to the Imperial Army Engineers, Logistics Department, or Medical Corps! National Service also offers valuable experience towards future employment should you leave the army after your tour, and ample opportunities for advancement if you stay! Enlist today!

How long is National Service?
National Service is a period of five years within the armed forces or registered Conditional Exemption career. A citizen may begin their service at the minimum age of Sixteen, and must enlist or secure a Conditional Exemption by one month after their Twentieth birthday in order to meet the conditions of their citizenship. Following the end of the five year period, an individual may end their tour or extend it as they prefer! Individuals acquiring Citizenship outside of birth are expected to begin their National Service by the first month of their twentieth birthday or within three years of gaining citizenship, whichever comes first. Children younger than sixteen are naturally excluded from this condition, and may begin their National Service at the normal time.

What is a ‘Conditional Exemption’?
A Conditional Exemption is a certified alternative to serving in the Armed Forces as part of National Service. One may enter any one guild designated as an acceptable alternative by the State in lieu of serving in the Armed Forces as part of National Service, instead remaining in the employ of said guild for the National Service period. A Writ of Conditional Exemption must be approved two months prior to an individual’s twentieth birthday to be considered valid. Some acceptable alternatives include: the Technomancers, the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, the Imperial Compliance Department, Aertas Industries, and Larry Duarte’s Imperial Catering.
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