TruthGamingTruth's Second Ban appeal

Ban Duration: Permanent

Date of Ban: 12/10/20

Reason Supplied: Item Duplication

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: I've knowingly duplicated items the last time i played, about four months ago considering it's the third of 21.  I've also appealed at that time but regardless, the last few months as i've let the situation sinked and it has given me time to really let myself realise what i've done and why it was warranted the ban to my own regret which i've starting to feel as I did liked the game and even now i get that urge to play cause it's FUN, the roleplay system and the fact that my friends played the game.

In fact, they still play the game and i miss playing with them on this specific game, i'm sorry for ruining other's experience, i'm sorry for not really caring at the time, the fact is that right now. It's like when someone hacked a game for a specific amount of things, imagine if it was a MMO. It's unfair and it's game breaking, not to mention you're not playing the game how it was meant to be played.

So i'm sorry for being the cause of such things, I understand why it was warranted that i was banned because of my actions. I want to play again, i want to be able to roleplay and enjoy being a merchant or a fighter with my friends, like being in a fantasy world that we all escape towards. I'm not the best at apologies and i know given my last appeal that this might be rejected as well but it eases me to know i'm here saying sorry to the community and towards the developers of the game even my friends that i've let down.
Bumping appeal.
We've had to discuss this a bit back and forth, having had to not only consider your original appeal (, but also some reports made against you and their legitimacy, so we apologise for the delay.

Item Duplication in and of itself has become much more difficult to abuse, hopefully impossible by now, and as such we do tend to lessen the punishment for it over time-- We understand that the item dupe bugs themselves can be bait, and ideally there just shouldn't be any opportunities like these. But a bug that actively provide you with an unintended advantage is obviously wrong to abuse.

Your appeal is sincere enough this time around, and most of us would be comfortable with letting you back in, if not for when we investigated a bit further into the other issues and reports involving your character(s) and your OOC conduct (With issues ranging anywhere from something small like continuous name calling to more serious issues like creating multiple accounts to harass others with spam and porn after being blocked on Discord, and underage erp + log sharing). We began to find behaviour that doesn't seem or feel compatible with the rest of our community or the game, and as a result we reached the verdict:

The ban will remain permanent.
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