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To think one would be so vile that the stars themselves revoke their blessings upon them...

Excommunication from the Celestial Church.

Reserved for only the most wicked in the eyes of the Church, Excommunication is the highest punishment that the Stellus and Starseer may dole out. Theoretically, any offense is sufficient enough for excommunication so long as the Starseer signs off upon it. This, historically, can lead to both abuse and political leveraging. The most famous example of such was in 916 AC when Starseer Leoric Iramas issued an Excommunication on then-head of House Astor after a particularly scathing comment about the efficacy of the Church's work.

However, in righteous times the standard for Excommunication is high. Many criteria can be met, but they revolve around the same:

Unrepentant Heresy
Unrepentant Moral Debauchery
Unrepentant antagonism against the Church / The Stars
Impersonating an Official Member of the Faith
Maiming or otherwise killing a Member of the Faith
...among other, more clerical and mundane offenses (attempting to host a sermon without the Church's blessing, being a priest and falsely charging one with heresy, etc.)

Effects of Excommunication:

Though a grave offense, Excommunication is not a death sentence. The following penalties are applied to an Excommunicated individual:

Any rank the offended had within the Church is revoked.
Any attempt to stand upon holy ground uninvited is now considered criminal trespassing.

If the offended held membership to a guild or faction, Excommunication is grounds for termination of membership.
If the offended rented land, Excommunication is grounds for eviction.
If the offended held a noble title, Excommunication is grounds for disowning.
If the offended further commits a crime, the state of Excommunication allows Capital Charges to be granted for otherwise minor offenses.


Excommunication can be, but oft is not a permanent state of affairs. The Excommunicated is able to work with the Celestial Church to arrange a fitting atonement to have the status annulled. Oft does this mean that the offended must make a grand gesture or otherwise large donation to the Church.

Indeed, even in the above example the then-lord of House Astor, after years of political pressure against his house, eventually caved and atoned to the church with a vast sum of coin to absolve his crimes.

However, the willingness to accept atonement falls upon the Church and those found wicked enough are often unable to live within Osrona forevermore with the black mark upon their soul...
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