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Consistent and themed naming can help lend richness to a world's narrative and make it feel more cohesive. Characters feel like they belong in a world if their name fits. With that in mind, I bring a topic that's SURE to be a HUGE HIT. That's right... it's nobiliary particles!

An example of that in real life is the 'von' preposition added to German noble names, i.e. Ferrous von Leonine. (I'll be using my own username as an example for this)

Mostly, these are attached to nobility and high-ranking roles in society. 

Quote:Royal family
King or Queen - Ferrous rei Leonine
Royal Family - Ferrous ras Leonine

Great Noble House - Ferrous ven Leonine 
Great Noble House (branch) - Ferrous vey Leonine
Noble House -  Ferrous cos Leonine

Radiant Knight - Ferrous lux Leonine 
Knight - Ferrous lei Leonine

High Priest - Ferrous akh Leonine 
Priest - Ferrous arl Leonine

In general commoners are not granted nobiliary particles, but a handful of informal ones have cropped up through the years donned by important members of society. Those adopting particles like these without having 'earned' them are generally seen as arrogant or worse, charlatans.  

Quote:Merchants (often used only by the very wealthy) - Ferrous mir Leonine
Medics (used by famous surgeons) - Ferrous cae Leonine
Crafters (used by reknown artisans) - Ferrous tyr Leonine

Quote:And those considered pariahs by society due to their crimes, anti-social tenancies, or a simple desire to appear dangerous by adopted persona, will occasionally use - Ferrous orn Leonine

Players that meet the criteria for these are encouraged to use them.
I'm in huge favour of this, as it gives a visual indicator of branch families and lesser nobilities and would help with awkwardness of not knowing that the person you're RPing with is, actually, someone you should know!
Initially I was in favor of cut-and-dry titles, but this seems like an awesome alternative given the structure of the new game. This puts a nice spin on naming conventions without using specific titles: I think this would be a nice change of pace.

Noting that it isn't mandatory to include your middle name in-game, but you can if you want to.
Usually it's used as so:

rei Vanador
ras Vanador
ven Vanador
Vey Vanador

And non familiar people generally use the middle name followed by the surname.
canon reminder that these are the current nobility particles
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