The Ocean's Nightmare

[Image: med.png]

Through reading, searching and speaking with travelers and soldiers, Evangeline is starting to feel her water magic coming to a limit but something far greater is out there, something that could surpass the normal Tidal wave.  She found a monster that could summon tsunamis based on his will or maybe it's just on his sheer monstrous power alone, that's something to be discovered and understood within his body.

Character: Evangeline Castillo
Attendees: 3-4 max
Tone: Oceanic, Dangerous, Cosmic
Risk: Low CoD
Reward: Water Dev for me and something nice for my attendees.
DM: Found
[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]

Smells like Dernust. He's in.
One and only Sergeant is in.
Bianca will come along. If allowed of course!.
Augustus would like too be a reserve incase one of the other participants 'has an accident'.
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