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Nation: Moxtli

Characters involved? Thorn Meztin (and others!)

Expected Party Size, Estimate: About 10!

Event Summary: Decades have passed since the very last trek through the lands in efforts to reawaken one of Moxtli's four Patron Spirits! Upon taking up the mantle of Voice of Moxtli, Thorn swore that he would stop at nothing to ensure the revival of their lost spirit. Given an inkling of the temple's whereabouts, the Voice sets off with one final expedition, hoping to claim finally unite the Patron Spirits of Moxtli.

PvP Potential? IF THEY WANT!

Main Goal/s: Reawaken Xotonal! (And receive the favor of the other Patron Spirits!)

Type: Intense (50k)

Preferred DM/s?: N/A

Discord #: DeathGuardSTER#9701
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Nation: Starfall Academy
Characters involved? Those within the Demon-Slaying Collective/Starfall academy personal
Expected Party Size, Estimate: Upper limit of 14?
Event Summary: Within the forgotten bygone era's, did a threat procced to wash across esshar as a whole. The vampiric threat. One that's returned once more upon the island, during the generation of the blademaster. As he now leads the DSC? A complete ruling to fund a trip into the dreaded-woods were called for. After-all? Where else would they find information on such creatures? It's rumored that those who once dawned the cloak of a quarter-moon. Had left said tomes, because the best place to hide? Was underneath the nose of those who were most venerable to them.
Main Goal/s: 
• Acquire knowledge on the vampiric kind, from their origins to methods of defeat.
• Samples of blood, maybe even a vampire captive NPC to examine?
• Other dev items/ cool materials. For those accompanying
Grand (100k)
Preferred DM/s? 
Whoever is willing to tackle this challenge!
Discord #: A Google Doc#1600
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