chanceLegendary Weapons of Esshar
BALMUNG, Garljing Reforged (Fireblooded)
[Image: XfpI9UH.png]

CALIBURN, the Moonlit Blade (Osrona)
[Image: bkmn61s.png]

This sword of renown is known to have been wielded by the knight Abel lux Venandi, during the eighth century when it was needed the most, appearing upon a cliff, illuminated by heavenly light, that only the most worthy could pull. It was used as a weapon in the crusade against witches and their near eradication from Esshar. Caliburn exudes all the right auras and seems to shine brightly amidst any darkness, be it natural or occult.

Forged from pale moonstone that fell from the heavens, by the delicate hands of the angel Elisheva, it has a light and airy weight to it, making the weapon an effortless act to swing. According to the myth, the divine-forged blade, should it appear during a time of great struggle, is bound to stone, with its handle only accepting the most unwavering of swordsmen.

Its hilt is carved from ornate arcanium and the ivory tusk of a mythical beast. The most intricate embossing depicting angels and saints from The Faith provides a beautiful design to the weapon's guard. Just by holding it, the user receives the unwavering defiance against adversity. 

Giving up? That is never an option

YAHOEL, The Mechanical Angel (Achyon)
[Image: unknown.png]
At first hand it appears to be a deceptively shabbily tuned up herculean blade. However, Yahoel bears no adornment, as all pieces that ensemble it serve a particular and essential function in its structure. The dragonforged weapon consists of an automatized ignition mechanism, with a large flintlock pistol-like hammer that cocks and beats, generating mana-fueled implosive contact, as well as a highly conductive saber length made out the rarest arcanium, enhanced and nurtured with dragon scales, then to superconductivity. By analyzing its grip, one could notably discern the similarities to what was once Serea Petrakis' famed slender blade, though its original look has been altered and tampered with to fit its commissioner's needs. From the back of the magical trigger, a handful of leather laced orichalcum cables poke out - with the correct surgical implant, one could technically wire the weapon up to the user's circuitry, and commit the mechanism's functionality to neural response.

A historical relic, one whose fame precedes it. A weapon thieved from the Osronan crown, reforged from stolen dragon scales, then reconstructed with the absorbed technology from the Barsburgian assaults of the mid XVIIIth century, only to function as the empire's harbinger weapon into the continent. One to slay stelli, witch spawns, archons, therian overlords, and a blessed king of the Astyans no less.

It is said that the same swing of this blade that slew Alexander rei Petrakis II cleaved through a blizzard, then brought forth the summer half a season early at the peaks of mount Tarian.

Though well over half a decade has gone by since the time of its refabrication, there isn't the slightest evidence of aging, rust or wear. In fact, the dragonforged barsburgian mechanism has only strengthened from its initial fabrication. A series of enhancements, be them by engineering or natural hunger of said weapon. Though a disintegration magi with the right level of nuance and expertise may be able to tap into a seizable fraction of its monstrous potential, only the most ambitious and sacrificial of the bunch can bear to truly become accepted by the ever present hum that roars within its engine, one that feels mechanical as much as it does organic.

Can you hear it?
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