BabyFatJesusArchaeology Finals
The easy part for all of you who have been attending in my topic’s curriculum is now over.

What comes next is your final. You will use your experiences, and everything that I have gone over during my introductory lessons to plan your own adventure now. Those of you who were unable to join us on the field trip, you may all still take part in these finals so long as you have attended those introductory classes of mine. As for the assignment itself, you are all required to plan and partake in an adventure of your own, in which you bring back something of value and make something of it. This assignment will be due one year from now. ( February 1st)

Do note, there may be a possible collaboration between my own final assignment for my students, and that of Doctor Aertas’ final assignment.

For those students with questions regarding my final assignment for you all may approach me in person to ask them.

Professor Anastasia pyr Aertas, PhD.
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