AlkalineRockManaball Tournament: Season 2
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"This season, we're going to do something a little bit different and add some fun to the challenge.
We're introducing a new COSTUME challenge. You will dress like they do in the wild, wild west!
(For entertainment purposes, Esshar knows the Wild Wild West as Cowboys and not Achyon, which is coincidentally situated to the west of the map).
Do you have what it takes to dethrone the Ugly Cherries, the first place winners of Season 1?
Will the Perats make a comback?
Only one way to find out!

Coming SUNDAY - 5pm EST
Gather your fellow mates, your students, your friends, your enemies.
Gather them all to come watch or compete in the second season of the Manaball Cup
You have until then to submit your teams and the match-ups will be announced on the day of the game.
The mystique is part of the experience.

Caster wants YOU
For cheerleaders and dancers to show off your moves for this tournament's half-time show.
Think you got the skills to pay the bills?
Want to show off in front of a live crowd?
Get your popularity boost up?
We're recruiting cheerleaders and dancers, baby!
Please come to Caster in teams so he may be able to register you
Manaball Theme: Wild Wild West. Dress up as cowboys, or even a horse! SIGN UP SHEET
Congrats to the teams of Manaball Season 2!
Sorry that I can't be writing a bigger post for you all, but I gave Jerma the day off -- plus Yukari wasn't here with her camera.
The least I can do is announce the winners of this season.

In THIRD place we have Team Nope:
Cee, Camie Vega, and Hironori

In SECOND place we have Team Berserkirs 2: The Final Revenge
Masamura, Trife, and Haarper

In FIRST place we have Team DESPRATCITO
Lucky, Gwyn, Charlie

And thank you all to the GRUDGE MATCH SUPREME supporters. Your battles will be known throughout centuries.
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