BabyFatJesusArchaeology's Field Trip into the Jungle.
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Instructor Anastasia pyr Aertas's final introductory class has been completed. To those who have attended it, your names have been written down. 
Due to the nature of the expedition, the selection for those who attend it will need to be limited.
But those who do attend will be in for a practical experience, designed to prepare you for reality.

To all of those who have attended my initial introductory class, the form below must be filled out and completed.
If you have not attended the first, or the second introductory lesson, you need not apply.
The date for it has not been set in stone yet, but it is approaching quickly.
It is recommended you prepare before hand. At least one elixir of healing must be procured and kept on you at all times for those in attendance.

Permission Slip
After much preparation, a safe route for students has been charted, a list goes out for the field trip for the Archeology class, the following students have been selected:
Emilee pyr Docro
Violet Vartuul
Isana pyr Aertas
Sylva Aertas
Titus pyr Aertas
Orain ven Pelleaux
Ty'raj Torya

They embark out to the Ruined Temple in the midst of the jungle along the eastern ends of Starfall.
Date: Sunday 7P EST
Please DM me (ry0un0suke#6117) if this time/date does not work out. If it doesn't work for a lot of people then this will be rescheduled.
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