Valkas21221Valkas's Ban appeal
Reason: Lack of RP????? Swearing?????

Hello, I would like to do an ban appeal, I was banned because i was a bit little too rowdy with my RP, i was cussing, And i was lacking RP. as in the fundamentals and knowing what to do such as /roll for an example for an action. I apologize for that however, I think Myradin was the one that PM ME and told me to tone it down, And i thought i did. I thought cussing was allowed because someone cussed in their RP. But i guess not anyway, I would like to comeback. 
I wanted to RP as a school bully, since it was an school enviornment. But i will change up the style and be nice.  I was playing with 3 friends, and we kinda want to continue out RP story. to merge with yall world. I understand how to RP now though from the community after i got banned, 

But for real i wasnt causing disruptions to the community they was actually laughing with me and thought my RPS was funny, but i think the cussing was too much is all.

Apologize tho;.
Use the proper format please!
(01-13-2021, 04:35 AM)Myradin Wrote: Use the proper format please!


Ban Duration: Unknown

Date of Ban: 1/10/21

Reason Supplied: Lack of RP, i was going too rough with swearing, and didn't know you had to /roll before an action, 
I tried to role play a s the school bully, but did it in a wrong demeanor 

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: Well, To be honest my reason i should be unbanned is because i wanted to play this with friends and actually roleplaye legitimately and make friends, Lol another reason was they liked i made some people laugh, but it was still against the rules. However im down to learn. 
After some discussion, we've decided to unban you, but on thin ice!

We'd heavily like to suggest you take the time to properly inform yourself of the rules, and observe the conduct of other players before continuing to properly engage in scenes-- We would certainly like to welcome you to the game and help you learn, but if swearing, cussing and being a bully is the immediate go-to of yours then learning what you can and cannot do is so much more important!

Some important links:
General lore:
Basic Guide:

Remember that the grammar and content of your Roleplays are equally important! Lower casing every message, using fonts or colours that displeases the eyes and similar behavior will result in another ban.

Your key Valkas wasn't banned, but the associated guest key you were playing on has been unbanned.
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