SimpleCordelia Haas
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Make the world yours to the ultimate extent of your ability.

Quote:Born in the year 1807 to the infamous fleshcrafter, Wolfgang Haas, and an ex-Chieftess of the Moxtli, Ixcatzin- Cordelia was raised within Achyon, though her sights are now set upon the illustrious Starfall Academy, being placed within the Basilisk House. Exemplifying both cunning and adaptability, Cordelia intends to not only make her parents proud, but surpass them altogether. 

Little is known about the girl other than her resourcefulness and keen intellect, having learned from the best of the Docro family over the years. Sheer determination will see her through, and the ability to see through the deceit of others. 

A story that is only beginning, yet only time will tell her success.

Just a little blurb for the start of my new character! If anyone would like to arrange a scene feel free to shoot me a DM at Simple#1593 via Discord.
[Image: mona-genshin-impact_bGlmZmyUmZqaraWkpJRnbmhnrWduaGc.jpg]

Quote:Just as the light begins to fade to dark
The moaning wind sings songs to my forebodings
Am I alone with no one watching o'er
If I do fall will no one come to save me
Oh cursed fates eternally
Delivering your doom
But know true hope is born
My faith is stronger than your agonies
Hope's burdens weigh me down oh this is true
But they bring life that truly does sustain me

This is the beginning.
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