chanceStarfall Academy - January 3rd
[Image: UxHXJKS.png]

Welcome to Starfall Academy, Class of 1820! 

Attending this prestigious school for the magically gifted,  you've been recognized by your nation or family as someone with the potential to sponsor for a scholarship. A mark above what you've seen in more modest schools within Esshar, this establishment is a continent wide ambition that was given the blessing and support of Archmagi Amori, Dragonlord Duniya, and Chieftess D'noxa, with an entire island dedicated to the project. Students from every part of the world and all walks of life have travelled to be educated here, and as a place of progress, the older, more experienced magi also embark on ambitious research projects while making use of the top of the line equipment and resources that is offered. 

[Image: AcademyUniforms.png]
Custom, color coded uniform

While the academy distances itself from the politics of the nations and stands as an independent institution, it is not without its own internal challenges. As a centre of the magical arts, the first rule is established: A magi understands that life and death come hand in hand, and any one adventure might be their last. Students may be as young as thirteen, but with the ability to conjure dangerous, life threatening techniques of all manner and make, they're treated no differently to adults, and expected to carry themselves with similar maturity. 

By enrolling in Starfall Academy, the school isn't to be held accountable for your successes and failures, nor any particularly gruesome incidents that may or may not occur.

The large, vast grounds is as expansive as a town, comprised of several thousand students at any one time, and many professors, researchers, and residents of the island. It is easy to get lost here. It is advised that you avoid the wilderness where magical creatures lurk, and best not to make an enemy out of a student from a rival nation... You're responsible for your own safety, after all...

Now, warnings aside...  The scales of Judgement will decide which of the Three Houses your Heart pulls towards.

[Image: leonaus.png]
Leonaus, House of The Lion
Identified by the golden accents in their uniform, this house values traits such as bravery and honor. Its insignia is the proud, winged lion, Leonaus.

[Image: fenrir.png]
Fenrir, House of The Wolf
Identified by the blue accents in their uniform, this house values traits such as tenacity and resourcefulness. Its insignia is the fierce wolf Fenrir. 

[Image: basilisk.png]
Basilisk, House of the Serpent
Identified by the silver accents in their uniform, this house values traits such as cunning and adaptability. Its insignia is the terrifying serpent Basilisk.

Positions and Structure
Tutor: An entry-level position within the academy's faculty, a tutor is typically an experienced magi in their late teens or early twenties. They act as mentors, guides, and protectors, often taking on additional roles such as helping to lead expeditions or teach directly in more private circumstances. Their duties can arrange from guides to acting as a substitute instructor depending on preferences.

Instructor: Especially experienced, an instructor will organize classes around a subject. Starfall Academy prides itself in encouraging students to learn  independently and explore, and more often than not these lessons may be unconventional rather than the typical classroom experience. 

Headmaster: As the name implies, they're the leaders of the academy. Most of the academies subjects and policies are brought before the headmaster before approval. More often than not busied with paperwork, a headmaster or head mistress may teach, even if rare.

School Life
  • The minimum age is thirteen, and the oldest is seventeen, to be enrolled in a class. Despite this four year variation, it is accepted that students and academic capabilities are vastly different from one another, and students are encouraged to move at their own pace.
  • You will be organized into small teams shortly after enrolment, and in this team you can accrue points for your House. Rewards will be given to those that perform the best.
  • Students are to wear the uniform of their house, but may dress in their own clothing outside of lessons and field trips. If they're representing the academy they should present themselves properly, naturally.
  • Five days of the week consists of roughly six hours of lessons, ranging from basic life skills such as writing to classes specialized for magi and their individual desires. (Actual in-game classes will typically involve PC teachers as well as a series of scheduled world events and more personalized adventures hosted by our DM staff!)
  • A student can express an interest privately to become an 'informant', granting them direct communications to the headmaster to report any nefarious actions attendees may be engaging in. A few will be selected. This role is to be kept to absolute secrecy. Given the 'rough and tumble' nature of the school, for the most part the faculty will be hands off unless it involves murder or the consumption of illicit substances (sylavanum, reed, alcohol). Any questionable acts should certainly occur behind closed doors...
  • The academy accepts the unfortunate few cursed with Occultism, under the terms that the student is to bound with state of the art suppression restraints. These enhanced bindings mitigate the bearer's ability to call on the Occult. (A person can respec back into the Occult when the bindings are removed). Additionally, those known to cast forbidden magic are prohibited from faculty positions within the Academy as well as exploring the grounds, adhering to the common laws of the land.
  • During the construction project, there was a particular roadblock that's only spoken about in hush whispers. A disturbance from within The Vale that is currently being investigated by the appropriate powers led to a ripple effect, flooding the surrounding greenery with dangerous magical creatures as a fracture in the netherworld occurred. This is called Shadowmire Forest, and it's advised that students avoid the region.

Enrolment - Sign up using these forms!
Join as a Student
Join the Academy Staff
Just to make it clear @ the student application, only the mandatory things are necessary (name/age/race/gender, house preference) but the additional answers are appreciated! Characters can also join in-game once things are settled.
Staff may lead events or feature on them, or even DM them, if the event runner doesn't have an NPC instructor in mind. Outside of events they may host standardized lessons as available mentors!

Haruki Taiyang - Warden of Starfall, Gate Guardian of Shadowmire

Alistair ven Pelleaux - Headmaster

Atticus ven Grimmore - Instructor of Wayfinding and Astrology
Geztelle ven Pelleaux - Instructor of White Magic
Eliwyn - Instructor of Spiritualism
Roy Gelmont - Instructor of Physical Education, Gym Teacher
Paca Elementa - Instructor of Field Medicine
Clarke Halbot - Instructor of Field Medicine
Anastasia pyr Aertas - Instructor of Archaelogy
Amelia Locke pyr Aertas - Instructor of Artificing
Cross Queren - Instructor of Theatre

Adrastos ven Astor - Tutor, Swordsmanship
Balam Aba - Tutor, Spiritualism
Malakai - Tutor, Holy Arts
Ayla Aertas - Tutor, Journalism
Valamir - Tutor, Medic
Lucas Alder - Tutor
Mauve Justice - Tutor
Zahrah - Tutor

Arkaam Viento - Librarian
Leah Wolff - School Nurse
Julian Sodynym - Janitor

Rumors that the applications of Marcel, Trik Gutterrunner, and Martock Reave were rejected, likely due to intel regarding forbidden magic or being a controversial active combatant. Appeals can be sent to the Warden or Headmaster in writing if desired.
The construction of Starfall Academy has finalized, despite the numerous hurdles that the project faced when expanding into the woodland. The students that applied have the official date of the opening ceremony, beginning with a Headmaster's Address at the end of Winter, right as Spring paves way for a fresh season and a new generation. During the address, the attendees of Starfall will be allocated into the Three Houses, have a chance to settle and unpack their belongings, and the first term's schedule will be announced soon after.

See you there!
(Sunday - 6PM EST)
[Image: 3houses2.png]
Starfall Academy - Season 1 - Schedule

The class reps of Starfall have been venerated by their peers and now represent the interests of their house. Nin Kilim, Basilisk. Arthur M. Telsagraz, Fenrir. Krom Valadez, Leonaus. After a meeting with the headmaster they were encouraged to organize events for their house with the full support of the academy, acting as extra curricular activities outside of the six hours of daily lessons. Expect these discussions to take place in your dorms promptly!

In addition to the announcement of Starfall Games, a public schedule has been announced:

(If an event has restricted attendees, then sign ups will be posted on the day! Grab the @Academy role in Discord so you don't miss it. Additionally teachers are still free to host their classes spontaneously or organize them; pester them if they haven't yet and you're interested in something!)

The Scarlet Scavenger Hunt - Throughout the day there will be pieces of a puzzle scattered throughout Starfall and beyond, and students that piece it together will be granted access to the final challenge. (Tuesday)

Haunted House - Miss Genke, a known fortune teller and spiritualist, is hosting a field trip to a haunted house. (Wednesday)

Detention Basement Cleaning - The most troublesome students have been summoned to the depths of Starfall Academy, the Detention Chambers headed by the strictest Professor to date, an elderly man by the name of Professor Bumble. (Thursday)

Island Survival - A day and night out in the wilderness, pitted against one another to secure resources. A number of hotspots that are secured and maintained, both against rival students and the magical beasts. (Friday)

Illuminated Dance - In tribute to the Sheng origins of the temple, there will be a themed Illuminated dance! Students will dress up in traditional wear of the eastern nation. (Saturday)

Observation Field Trip - The groundskeeper will be taking a number of students out to observe and document magical creatures. She's known to be a little too dramatic and enthusiastic. (Sunday)

[Image: academy2.png]
As the end of the third year approaches, once freshmen become seniors, and younger students fill the ranks, much of the study body has undoubtedly collected many sigils both from games of violence, mental fortitude, and exceptional performances in class with the completion of assignments. Once the new year begins (in 5 OOC days) sigils may be exchanged for individual rewards; each exchange boosts your House's point count, with the sixth and final year leading to a release of the scores. 

6 Starfall Sigils - A specially crafted unique piece of equipment or weapon as requested, either by the master artificers Amelia pyr Aertas or Alistair ven Pelleaux. The latter focuses on sacred, primordial magic, old and powerful runes that were once lost to time, while the former specializes in synthetic, adaptable runes that can change and evolve in the moment, a modern day advancement honed to its peak.

4 Starfall Sigils - Precious materials. A rare (custom) ingredient as well as complimentary arcanium!

3 Starfall Sigils - A lesser but remarkable craft (ULTRA quality)

Note: You don't have to do this now. It can be at the start of the third year or any of the following years, if you wish to collect more sigils!
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