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From the depths of Achyon, rumors would suddenly emerge.. they talk about a hideous creature that roams the metallic nights of the city. They say its a grotesque being, a giant mixture of meat and magitech. Something that just by looking at it, you can say.. 
A true Abomination.

Mistakes is an undead abomination, forged from the remnants of one of the ex-privates of Achyon and several other body parts from less significant origins. Carved from flesh and technology, the creature is filled with joints and some parts made purely out of magitech, in order to increase its efficiency and be more destructive than a young magi could ever imagine to be. 
A being that causes fear on the battlefield. 
It was created to be used and serve as a War Machine. One that will do everything that's order to him without a second thought. A disgusting entity that is totally loyal to its creator, Councilman Nidaz. 
It's the way.

What is expected of YOU:
- Extreme loyalty to your creator, Nidaz.
- Presence! I am not looking for a player who will play for a few days and then abandon the character. This creature is something new and needs to be active.
- Do whatever you think will be good for the character! That makes it something unique and different.. Something that is interesting to interpret.
- Have fun while playing this creature!

- You are a being made to be a War Machine, a creature created from the body of warriors and with magitech flowing through your body.
You will start at RPL 150
You have something inside of your chest, that strengthens you even more, something extremely special and that will help you when needed..
You will start with an extremely strong Custom Stance, made especially for you!
You are an undead abomination!
Immortality, in relation to age.
- You were created by a Councilman, the current leader of the Fleshcrafters in Achyon! Everything you need, will be provided by him.
Potions, medical treatments, equipment and anything else you need!

Apply Here
( For any questions, here is my contact: Didos#5077 )
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The Player was selected! Thanks to those who did app for Mistakes..
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Due to some unexpected events, I will now be reopening the applications for Mistakes! Those who are interested in playing the character, apply here:


The requirements and what you will receive is still the same! And the applications will remain open for one week.
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