BabyFatJesusThe Frozen and Forgotten Pt. II
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Character: Anastasia pyr Aertas
Attendee(s): They will be invited ICly, but it will be at least six members of Achyon's military.
Synopsis: The Tarian mount range within the far north are a massive chain, stretching for many kilometers. Following up on the information she received regarding Ymir, the first of the Ice Elementals, Anastasia leads a group directly into the mountain chain in order to track down the primordial's allies to bring her closer and closer to the location of the Primordial itself.
Tone: Dangerous, cold, ice elementals.
Risks: Yes.
Specific Requests: Further information on the background of the Ice Primordial, Ymir. The rest to be dicussed personally with the DM via the event chat.
DM: Ludi!
the cold doesn't bother me anyway
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Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
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