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"Dah... How cruel..."

Quote:If I have anything to say about myself, it's that I've never tried to be someone I'm not.

That is, until I met you.

Now I'm not sure whose staring at me when I glance towards a mirror, or catch my own reflection out of the corner of my eyes among the sandy waves. The woman that stares back at me looks so... Tired. It's funny, isn't it? I know she's done nothing to be so drained, I know she's made very little effort to change who she is. I know what she's like, and that she has no drive nor motivation to become anyone or anything new or interesting.

Because I'm her, and she's me.

Your boundless energies leave me drained. I can't keep up, and sometimes that makes me feel bad. Other times, I'm reminded of why I cherish you. It's cruel, you know? To take my hand, and drag me forward, when all I want to be is rooted in one spot. Like one of those old, aging oaks.

I'm waiting

For the day

When you see

That I'm not the person you saw me to be. When your eyelids are forced apart, and pinned open by needles and threads. I do not think I'll mind when it happens, it's the wait that'll kill me. But until then I'll keep trying, trying to be someone else. Someone I'm not, but someone I could be;



Treasures are precious things. Some people shovel dirt over their treasures, or hide and hoard them from the sights of others. But me? Well, I like to show them off and you've so much more energy than I ever shall. But, that's what I like most about you. Even if I'm awful at showing it, I think you get it. In your own way. 

It'd be cruel of me

To ask you to

Slow down.

I don't want to anyway. Instead, we'll have our fun. You and I. Playing pirates, and scavengers. Meeting new people, going on wild, stupid and dangerous adventures. I think it'll be interesting. Exhausting. But it'd be fun, don't you think? We've got our whole lives ahead of us to take it slow. So I'll try to speed up for a bit, yeah?

May our lives be filled,
With so many blessings...

And so many curses...

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