~Aoria-sama~Child of young love
A sticky situation, and the only thing good that came of it, was you.

A child born of what was presumed to be love, yet your parents took two entirely different paths in life. Your mother is originally from Osrona, and became pregnant while living there. Once she gave birth to you, she fled Osrona and your father, to live in the city of Achyon. A place in which was more tolerable of occult magic. You were raised there, and didn't meet your father until you were four years old. Time was also spent with your father in Osrona, but you live in Achyon with your mother and were mainly raised by her. You are from Sheng descent.

You are familiar with the ways of life in both Achyon and Osrona, and your name is Tychus. (Tai-khus) (You can choose which of our last names you'd like to use)

[Image: ndUSa4F.png]
Name: Imogen Oshikawa
Race: Human
Attunements:Illusion - Occult
Eye color: Blue and purple (heterochromia)
Hair color: White

Quote:Things your mother taught you:
-Importance of observation and awareness.
-Basics of cooking.
-Self control.
-How to use a bow

Your mother was very active in your life, putting emphasis on acting proper and taking studies seriously.  She was often hard to impress, and you were not coddled. Independence was encouraged from a young age, and even though Imogen raised you, you don't know too much about her personal life. However, you were always praised and given approval for doing things that pleased her, or were successful in an otherwise difficult task.

[Image: HjtbdxY.jpg]

Name: Ares Starchaser
Race: Human
Attunements: Lightning - Cosmic
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black

Things your father taught you:
-Art of business
-Artificer skill (if desired)
-Fighting for things you believe in (good or bad)
- To take risks

Though your father was not very active in your life as a young child, he is still very much alive and present. His duty in Osrona ultimately had come before his family, leaving your mother alone to raise you for quite some time. You still see him and he is active in your life, doing what is expected of a father. In comparison to your mother, Ares is more so loving rather than cold. He is supportive and encouraging, rather than strict and unmoving.


Quote:You are welcome to use any playby you'd like, we just ask you bear some sort of resemblance to your parents! You are also able to choose which last name you'd like to take. You will be starting at 13 years old, in the year 1818AC

If interested, please message me on Discord.  ~Aoria-sama~#6707
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