SilkiyTeasilkie can edit pictures, kind of.
[Image: 4341da3b25ffa36931666ca94ee3df08.png]
[Image: f6d703987befe8a214f11df230c6fddd.png]
[Image: c2c90fdfd46173966d714187246d04ab.png]
[Image: bc1bca72e6df7b1a1302007842c8e61c.png]

i am not a professional. a lot of what i am doing is trial and error and i think people who have an eye for art can see the little tidbits that are obviously edited and look a bit off!

the best way to get ahold of me is by dming me. i will do my best, adding things onto an image though is probably impossible for me honestly...

asking price: 500c

but this price may go up depending on what it is i am editing. i am best at editing portraits due to less to deal with so less chance of me going 'ugh goodbye felicia' midway through..

just dm me on discord. do not send me a friend request, i have it turned on that i can reply to people who share a server with me and i am in the esshar server.

also this is only editing. i cannot do real art. i can point you out to twitter artists i follow if you are ever interested in that though.
[Image: 6d7a3f4d84055aacec42e9e916296a47.png]
[Image: e17b48930ea1369be6d14bba1bdc7161.png]
[Image: 806c5fcbf5f91b083ab15af817c2feb6.png]
[Image: 6d7a3f4d84055aacec42e9e916296a47.png]
[Image: cd153ff9be4a10e9cdd12dcfe70f4634.png]
[Image: 6d7a3f4d84055aacec42e9e916296a47.png]
[Image: be8ddadad7a169748cd960c381c81eee.png][Image: 6c91d1d2720e99d903afd8e1c11e683d.png]

basic beans edits. but i like monochroming it up, and freckles are cute.
[Image: 6d7a3f4d84055aacec42e9e916296a47.png]
[Image: 2fde7b77ae90b42cd5c3ba48bac09dc4.png]

and thus my characters 13-18 years old playbys are all done. woo. i took a friends advice about giving the eyes color, i kinda dig it.

oops the original actually didnt have those freckles.. forgot i was showcasing that to a friend. my bad, lol
[Image: 6d7a3f4d84055aacec42e9e916296a47.png]
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