BabyFatJesusThe Fate of Se-young
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A letter reaches the Chieftess Rachelle of the Moxtli Tribes.
High quality parchment, sealed by the waxen sigil of the Aertas family in Achyon.

The fate that waits for all of those who stand against the Entity is well known. I feel little need for explaining, or grandstanding. It is not my way regardless.
I met and defeated the tribal known as Kim Se-young on the fields of your territorial expansion.
One of your own.
I wonder if you are the same? Does your hypocrisy extend to your treasured people as well?
Or will you make every effort to recover your fallen comrade?
I am curious.

Kim Se-young has been found guilty of assaulting military personnel, of standing in the way of progress.
An obstacle.
The cost of moving an obstacle out of our path is high indeed.
Are you willing to pay it? Are you willing to save him?
If you do not, he will simply be removed, as any obstacle would.

The price to have him be removed from our path is thirty-thousand coins, and 3 pieces of arcanium.
Proof that we have him is drawn below.
You have one year.

Anastasia pyr Aertas

Bruno pyr Aertas

At the bottom of the letter, there is a picture. Crudely drawn with crayons.

[Image: HtYd73Y.png]
[Image: 7395e4ca60f60bb71a8888601f773017.png]
A letter is returned to Anastasia pyr Aertas
The parchment's quality was low, yet the letter is sealed with wax bearing a carrot sigil. It appeared legitimate enough.

It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance on the battlefield. As it turns out, the Aertas have proven to be a rather agreeable bunch so far.

My answer from then remains the same:

Kim, solely in being a human alone, is someone who’s always stood out in Moxtli. Yet it’s his unique, eccentric mannerisms that help us smile even in times of uncertainty. Beyond that? He’s always been an exemplary warrior. His presence is one that’s easy to immediately miss.

You’ve taken someone dear from us, but I’m glad that your request isn’t all that unreasonable.
While it’s a steep price as far as materialistic things go, we’ve never cared for such things all that much.  So in reality? It’s hardly an issue.

It goes without saying that we’ll be meeting these demands to get him back far before a year is up. While I was prepared to gather the requested resources alone if need be, several have already approached me with intent to aid in his release and have provided small contributions. Many among those have been people who aren’t residents of Moxtli.

A fact that I’m deeply grateful for and would like to thank everyone on behalf of Moxtli for as one of the acting leaders.
Your generosity won't soon be forgotten.

I’ll send a more private letter to arrange a small meet-up once I’ve finished gathering everything together. Till then? I assume you’ll stay true to your word in keeping him safe.
Tell him his art skills need work and that we look forward to having him home soon.

Chieftess Rachelle of the Maloti Tribe
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