NoobHuggerFinal ban appeal of the year
Key: NoobHugger33

Ban Duration: Perma

Date of Ban: Mid June (2020)

Reason Supplied: Being toxic, handling deaths badly and wounds, being lippy and immature.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: Well its been around six months since I have been banned. Many things have changed. I have really gotten better and improved myself over the last few months. Especially the last two. With some help through online counselling and my grandma even lol. I just realized I been acting like a child. Throwing tantrums when I did not get what I wanted. Playing it like a single player game when everyone is equal in a sense. Their needs and wants and rp. So I just wanna say I am truly sorry for those who rped with me before and dealt with my badness and saltiness. I have been playing Verdict for a bit now and honestly. It just does not have such a rich and interesting world and playerbase. Now that I have played another proper rp game. I know how to behave looking back. I would love to be welcomed back.  I would not want someone being how I was in Esshar in Verdict. So why would I do the same now? I just want some good lore rich rp. I swear that I will take a deep breath if I get into a sticky problem and just let play it. For better or worse.
As this is not the first time you have been banned for toxic behavior, we have decided to let the ban remain permanent. We believe that people can grow and change, but we feel not enough time has passed for us to be confident in your return being a positive experience for everyone. Maybe with enough time this can change, and it certainly looks like you're going down the right path now, but right now we're not entirely convinced.

The ban will unfortunately remain permanent. Stay safe!
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