WoolooThe Meliae Tribe
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The Meliae Tribe

Born of nothing, the Meliae Tribe is the fruit of the Dryad Carnivore's efforts. With the successful creation and birth of two new Dryads - Hyacinth and Azalea, a small community begins to grow within the Celestial Ruins. More of the species is soon to follow, rapidly growing to maturation in the flower beds. A new tribe, and a new species emerge in Esshar. Whilst Dryads are known to be keepers of balance and protectors of nature, it has also been made clear that they are a lifeform much different from the other races. Bound to the land, and embraced by the spirits around them, Dryads skirt the line between mortal and immortal, life and death. 

They do not seem particularly welcoming of outsiders, and with the wars that brew outside the Celestial Ruins, whom could blame them for being isolationists?

The survival of their entire species in Esshar depends on the success of this newly formed tribe.

(If you wish to RP as a Dryad on a new character, DM Delirium-the-Mad#4085 ! There are no mechanical benefits, you are essentially a fluffed human with magical plant stuff and some fun lore. Nature IS mandatory as a Dryad, though how far you invest is up to you.)
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