BabyFatJesusThe Frozen and Forgotten
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Character: Anna
Attendee(s): Bruno pyr Aertas, Di'or Toryia. (Potentially more?)
Synopsis: The mountains within the far north are a massive chain, stretching for many kilometers. What secrets could be found, if one journeyed far enough north? Anna and a group of select companions travel deep into the cold mountain chain to find what they may.
Tone: Freezing environment, chilling adventures, puzzles, old forgotten bastions. LORE!!
Risks: Yes.
Specific Requests: Lore that provides clues to the Ice Primordial, Ymir. Arcanium. Dev mats for the participants? They can be more specific with their own needs.
DM: Milly! oEo
bruno will keep her warm
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Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
:thumbsup: !!!!
please say sike Sad
Greetings, adventurers
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