JumpyJumpy's nerf wishlist
This is me.
This is my opinion.
This is my nerf wishlist.
Debate in replies if you want to, I'll disagree with you all.
Some may sound like jokes to you but I assure you that I listed everything I believe needs a nerf in some capacity.
Some trees are not included because they either suck or are just fine.


Fuck scales, having a built-in shield in a race is gay.
Drakanite aura still feels strong as hell but I also want to see someone sprite crystal wings.
A speed-up, slow immunity, and AP boost is very oppressive and leads to people asking to nerf frostbite because it's the only way to counter them. I bet someone will talk about energy constrict soon.
Synthetic toggle buff is only second to their suppression. Who thought a wave root on a race inclined to go metaphysic/ether builds wasn't going to backfire?


White Squall is the most unbalanced piece of :poo: I've ever seen. What kind of AoE does more damage than the supposedly very strong holy/occult AoE ontop of slowing people in it and reducing their agility to literally negative numbers. Why is it so big that even if I dash away I still have to be in it and ontop of that my dash timer is like 10 seconds because I reacted to a spell. Nerf this dumb spell.
Devouring Winds is so ridiculous. A toggle-buff that straight up gives you more power and has an AoE around you constantly that pulls people closer? The only downside is that it drains a bit of mana but if you're dirty you just go cosmic and ignore that.
Tempestine Guard does 21md and gives 15% DR on a 27 seconds cooldown. I don't even need to say more than that.


Do you enjoy when your opponent doesn't cast spells for 5 straight seconds? Get Tremor. That's just all you have to do.
Mud effect is so strong. GOD.


That shockwave is ridiculous. Forget about it. It plays so well into builds like earth/crystal or nature/crystal or shadow/illusion/crystal. The fact you get a free crystal, damage, and a pushback? Disgusting.
Shardform would still be a good aura if it gave only 5md.
Crystal Wall does a lot of damage, lingers, and stops projectiles. email me at balance@teraphim.com if you have any other effects you can think of we can add to that.


Psst. Did you know that spores do a buttload of damage split into a billion projectiles?
Deadly Bloom's slow is cancerous and the moment someone who can verb and who hates people plays nature you'll never wish more that you were a beastkin for your overpowered racial.


This whole tree is gimmicky. It was better left as an aura. You can never balance gimmicks.


Bone Blades is still broken in melee.
Reform is still ridiculous.


Who's the idiot (it's me) that thought energy burst should do 2x damage when you're low health on a tree that provides AP when you're low health? It's still the coolest skill though....
Deflecting Palm should just overlay everything. I'm looking at you impossibly horribly-built nature/energy/melee characters.


People have finally realized that black hole is good. It was already good and it got buffed. Now that fall does like 5-6k damage as well it's a tree that shits on people. RIP compression, though. P.S.: Make it so that when you're stunned and you hit a key it doesn't put your whole bar on gcd. sincerely, everyone

wait you thought I'd skip over TK's 6md a tick for 9 tiles long as 5 tiles wide? A tree that can stun has an ability that can do 54md when landed with the right setup. How do people even lose with this skill?


Clone: [Image: 6b9ba29eae0ce6de9ad8ba876dae9878.png]
[Image: f5789e956204151a30dedb9c7f37412f.png]
This hits every second.
Dimmie isn't playing anymore we can nerf camouflage's ridiculous stat-stick.
Darkness blinds you for so long that you probably can get through a scene with BFJ before the blind is over.
Distort does 12md, applies curse, and add 5 ticks of .5md ontop of that. It's a ridiculously good opener and I could see it not being nerfed but I hate Mal for always going illusion/shadow so...


Nerf the tree by giving it access to meteor swarm as a master.
Nova Ray does too much damage on a tree that stacks a lot of power.


Anything that leaves a trail of fire is deceptively good. Waves and flameslide are crazy.
Fireball slowing you is GAY. It has a lower cooldown than other 'dart' spells too.


10 AP, 20 crit, a trail on dash, and an extra 2 tiles on dash. It could do without either the crit or with only 1 tile extra.


I don't call phantom strikes "the old reliable" for nothing. 13.5 damage in 3 separate instances (more average crit than if it were 1) on a 30 seconds CD is strong. So strong that Dani once said she'd dip armed just for phantom.


Big unarmed babies will tell you how much they struggled with their fat AP boost from their stance when they were RPL 100 but will neglect to talk about their 400 pow at RPL 200 without a hidden or a unique. If Unarmed was bad we wouldn't have Misha 2.0 running around scouting everyone.
Of course assault follows phantom strike.
Jab teleporting you behind your opponent fucks on so many builds and the fact you can combo jab into AoEs makes some builds way better as an unarmed than as a mage even if 80% of the bar is spells.
Gauntlets shouldn't be able to give you 25 pow and 10 crit ontop of your big AP boost. "I don't use weapons" headass running around with half a staff's pow at their fingertips.


Dancer is King. It's so good that the whole meta revolves around whether or not you can catch dancer, need to catch dancer, or can sacrifice your dancer stance for 10 vit 10% AP and still survive. It's ridiculous. It's so good that you might want it over a hidden. How dumb is that?


Mistform doesn't need to last this long.
Tidal wave doesn't need to slow, pushback, nuke, linger, and heal as a wide wave.


The aura is still overtuned.
Wellspring AoE is so good that it actually outperforms the 'heavy damage' AoE that occult and holy proudly boast about while also having an effect to it.


Give Glacier a way to be countered.
Make frostbite's slow unable to be applied to slow immunity effects.
Ice Spike Barrage can tick twice and nuke you for 20md at times. I know it says multiple ice spikes but I think it refers to the icon of 3 spikes going through you not 2 instances of damage skewering your health harder than a piercing strike
Ice Talons literally do not have any downtime.
Blizzard counters melee so hard that you can take more damage using an overpowered phantom strike than you deal.


Blood aura and Symphony share the same stat line. One of them is an exalted.
This tree has a dot that heals you, damages the enemy, and gives you AP
Hemo does 16 damage total
Blood vapor is just a ranged fatal that stuns
Look, blood passives are so fundamentally good that you should always run scarlet darts because they increase the uptime of your passives. Even if scarlet darts did 3md instead of 7md I'd run them for the passives. Blood passives are ridiculous.
[Image: nR3lU0X.png][Image: unknown.png]
Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
i think this is a pretty good opinion overall

White Squall, as someone who uses it? Is very basic, and is the only thing in the tempest really worth the effort. As for why it does an equal amount of damage (because it is equal), you also have to consider that it's not as gigantic as some of the aoe intermediates. 
That also being the case? The slow, as has been tested, is not very. . powerful. In fact, it's not really much of a slow at all. The only redeeming quality that puts it a step above the others is the halving agility, otherwise there is literally no point to it.
Tempestine Guard is a self stunning move that lasts for 1.5 seconds, but for the initial .5, you can't even move. Meaning if you don't have them unable to move/get away or something like it, you won't be landing all 3 ticks. Melee would likely be the only way you'd do so, whether you use it or go against it.
Everything else in tempest is very lackluster, or is done better by something else. Vengeful gale is very good, and 'a bit of mana'? That's bs, I actually oom because of it. Has happened in serious fights, has happened in basic ones. 


My only issue with ice is talons uptime and how long frostbite lasts for what it does. lower that mess to like 2 seconds.


Ribcage is kinda ridiculous. Bone is still oppressive in small doses. Nothing too crazy beyond the initial point.


Mud status too powerful, or lasts too long. Similar to frostbite, could use with a reduction in how long it lasts because of multi applications through different spells. 


Nerf Fall, that is all.
Nerf everything but me! " "

 [Image: face-with-monocle.png]

Lightning Javelin

Shadow magic (slightly)
Negativity is why we will never advance as a society all people ever cry for is nerfs... just buff some things and that’s that. Hell a simple change to one mechanic can change the meta of the game completely.

Nerf negativity
Buff positivity u niggas need it
you're all wrong except clout

nerf clout's posts
[Image: nR3lU0X.png][Image: unknown.png]
Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
I am here to give my opinion.

Everything has its one seemingly cancerous or strong gimmick. Lets keep it that way.

Except sand and nature. Fuck 'em.

Edit: Oh and if bone is still how it is like after I left... Yo fuck that bitch.
I will agree that Ribcage is an absolutely bonkers spell... But the rest of Bone is not-so-amazing and can easily be played around. Ribcage takes heavy investment and that's ok!
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