flipper23Ice flurry suggestion
DISCLAIMER: I currently use the tree so I may be biased with this suggestion even if I try not to be. I'm unreasonable with this, just be gentle and tell me why!

Current state of the spell:

[Image: LSdSS9v.png]


Ice is overall a solid tree which provides many good things with it's kit. It has two aoes (Field of Ice & blizzard), the strange but satisfying winter's talons, a good projectile in Ice Spike and of course, it's bread and butter, Glacier. Ice has some decent damage but I believe it is mainly an utility tree thanks to the CC it provides.

With ice, every spell may deserve a spot on your hotbar except for one which I genuinely believe to be very bad...

Ice Flurry is a flamethrower type spell. When you use it, you're locked into an animation for a few seconds and can not cast any spells nor until the end of it. On paper, I mean, when you look at the screenshoot it is not... a bad spell but... the duration and the range of it are so short. You're running after your opponent, using ice flurry... but one dash and you're fucked because... well... they're now too far and you can't use any spells / nor dash to close the distance.   It also, apparently (will need someone to confirm this), lost the frostbite it used to have makin worse than it's counterpart flamethrower which applies confusion to the opponent and so restrain their movement, for much cheaper.


1 /  If frostbite is still on flurry: buff the range and the duration of the spell.

2  /  If there is no frostbite on the spell: buff it's damage to +1, increase range and duration of the spell.

3  /  Completely rework flamethrower spells.


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Personally for flurry I would be interested in something along wind push/mana ripple, it is a small wave type spell that pushes back and causes frostbite.
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